2016 demos

by mosquito coast

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Jaspar Caddy
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Jaspar Caddy The amount of times I've listened to this album belies the starkness of these Demos. Favorite track: spotlight.
Allison Beer
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Allison Beer i only bought this for the album art tbh. jk these demos are great Favorite track: rabbit.
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sad songs written and recorded in my dorm room


released February 3, 2016



all rights reserved


mosquito coast Cleveland, Ohio

mosquito coast is jacob tisdale. in dog years, he is one hundred and forty-five years old.

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Track Name: red sweater
you're the best that i have, and you know that
you're a smart little pup, you're more than enough, and i like that
you just want to be free, but all i can be is regretful
you're all that i know, so please don't go

i wasn't there when they put you down
i wasn't there to see you go

phoebe, feed me to the dogs
Track Name: sanity
you'll fuck anyone but me
poster boy for charity
your decision's giving me unrelenting misery

maybe i will go away for a while
sleeping on couches just isn't my style
there's a hole in my heart and i feel ok

are you talking to me? 'cause i can't really tell
baby, this hospital bed feels like hell
they're running some tests but i feel ok

maybe i should take some pills for a while
i'm losing my grip, sanity's not my style
there's a knife in my hand and i feel ok

you'll fuck anything that breathes
poster boy for sanity
my delusions giving me unrelenting clarity

they're gonna put me away for a while
i know that tragedy isn't your style
i'm going to die but i feel ok
Track Name: i don't want anything
i don’t want anything
to do with you
don’t need your sympathy
i’m through with you

hurting me, haunting me
not what I oughta be
waste of time, I don’t mind
Track Name: cherokee
i thought i felt your presence yesterday
don't worry honey, i'm on my way
i think i'm ready for the endless sleep
if in heaven you are there with me

i just wanna be a cherokee
running naked, in tune with the trees
i am gonna be a cherokee
a simple life, a squirrel on my knee

i just wanna be a cherokee
Track Name: rabbit
it's all alright
we'll sleep outside
you're my disguise
that look in your eyes

remember the days when i said you were crazy?
remember the pain, you're the one who can save me
oh no i just want to be your boy
you're the one for me, and i just don't mind waiting

if you're ok,
we'll kiss for days
your hand in mine
you're all the time

remember the days when i said you were crazy?
i just want somebody to be there for me
you are the one to fulfill my body
come here so close i just want you to heal me

our love
Track Name: spotlight
everything is just ok
i saw you yesterday
i just don't know where to start
holding my broken heart

your water's overflowing
i'm here to let you know
you're mother's on the table
she's calling out for you

but that's life, the spotlight

everything in life is free
but everybody has told me
there's only certain way's to live
in all of them you have to give

i can't say that i'm sorry
these things happen to you
let me live my life by myself
(because this doesn't work)
i just want something new

but that's life, the spotlight, shining

everything is just ok
today's just not my day
stop telling me i'm out of line
it's not my fault this time
Track Name: i don't want my baby
i don't want my baby
i am just too lazy
don't you try and change me
crying doesn't phase me

you checked us in, i chickened out
i know that there's no shred of doubt
that there's nothing here for me

i don't want your baby
don't need you to save me

you locked the door, i struck it down
please don't go, i'll hunt you down
maybe there's something left for me after all

i just want you baby
maybe you can save me
you must think i'm crazy
i just want my baby